Mariusz Szyszka - Fotografia Przyrodnicza

- Mariusz Szyszka

Species - Homo Sapiens

Features -  passion for unfrequented and wild places, allergic to big cities and the crowd, attracted to the glass -  especially in the form of optics

Habitat - south-eastern Poland, Bieszczady Mountains, especially San River Valley, Roztocze Region, Low Beskid Mountains, forests, bushes, meadows, marshlands, mountains and hills, because of necessity of gainfull employment - car

Migrations - High Mountains, Biebrza marshes, Sandomierz Forests, scorching Italy

On a daily basis - dad of 9-year Paulina, ornithologist, author of mamy articles, would be (during) the author of a book, the lover of driving car, tracking animals and birds, nature books and good beer